Caffeinated sparkling water company Phocus started in Louisville

Phocus co-founders Tom O


Phocus co-founders Tom O'Grady (left) and John Mittel (right) and their product have taken the energy drink market by storm.

LOUISVILLE – You’ve seen it before, that all-too-familiar 2 p.m. workday crash. So you turn to a quick-hit of caffeine in the form of a sugary energy drink to bolster you for the rest of the day.

The crash on your personal health that comes after, though, can be as swift and gut-punching as the one before. Harmful ingredients like high sugar content, acidic substances and more are the downfall most people face when they turn to a typical energy drink as a way to stave off the afternoon sleepies and amp up productivity.

But what if there was a caffeinated drink that would do the job without the guilt of unhealthy ingredients?

That’s exactly the question two Louisville entrepreneurs asked themselves — could they create a caffeine beverage that people could feel good about drinking again?

It’s there that the idea for a line of caffeinated sparkling water was born and with it, the birth of Phocus, the zero-calorie, zero-sugar beverage that packs as much punch as a cup of coffee.


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