Can you buy a mattress during coronavirus? Yes, in some places

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Would you lie down on a bed that someone else has tested during the coronavirus pandemic?

Some Americans apparently are doing just that, because certain mattress stores, including locations of the nation’s largest mattress retailer, are still open during the COVID-19 crisis.

No. 1 seller Mattress Firm, which has more than 2,500 stores throughout the country, confirmed that some of its locations are still open and said it’s taking necessary precautions to protects its employees and customers.

Some smaller mattress shops are also still operating, though stores in California and some other states are closed due to stay-at-home orders that are stricter than in other states. They say they provide an essential service and should be allowed to continue operating.

“Some areas are permitting our stores to stay open based on local orders since furniture and bedding products are still a need for local consumers with family members who may be quarantined in the same home, family members who are sheltering together unexpectedly, and consumers who moved into new homes prior to the commencement of the crisis, among other reasons,” Mattress Firm CEO John Eck said in emailed comments provided to USA TODAY through a spokesperson.

“We are reviewing all orders closely to ensure we are in compliance. Depending on the area, we may have phone only contactless stores operating or private appointments, and like many retailers currently operating, we’re offering the option for contactless, doorstep delivery.”

Mattresses are offered for sale at a Mattress Firm store on Dec. 6, 2017, in Chicago.

In Columbus, Ohio, Liberty Freight Furniture and Mattress owner John Corriveau said it would be short-sighted to deem mattress sales as non-essential. 

“I sell lift chairs and adjustable beds. I sell to group homes,” Corriveau said.

But he was also open to the general public for more conventional items as of late March.

“I can’t say we’re closing down, but we’re not asking them to come,” Corriveau said.


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