Earned Income Tax Credit helps lower-wage workers

India Bell, 50, of Detroit was the featured guest at the The 2020 City of Detroit Mayor


India Bell, 50, of Detroit was the featured guest at the The 2020 City of Detroit Mayor's Earned Income Credit Tax Initiative press conference that was held at the Durfee Innovation Society in Detroit Friday, Jan. 31, 2020. Bell received an earned income tax credit of $5,600.00.

Who wouldn’t want an extra $300 or even $3,000 in tax refund cash? But oddly enough, millions of Americans miss out on this deal each year. 

The Internal Revenue Service estimates that nationwide only four out of five of eligible workers claim and get their Earned Income Tax Credit. So roughly 20% who qualify don’t get their money, leaving billions of dollars going unclaimed.

It’s money that’s based on what you earned in 2019 typically when working a lower-wage job. The dollar amount that households receive will vary significantly and depend on your pay, filing status, as well as the size of your family.

“Taxes were always scary to me. It wasn’t something I wanted to deal with,” said India Bell, 50, who lives in Detroit and has two teenagers. 

But Bell tells everyone she knows about why they should file a tax return to qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. 


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