Frigidaire FFTR1814VW Refrigerator Review – Reviewed Refrigerators

Frigidaire FFTR1814VW Refrigerator Review - Reviewed Refrigerators



  • Very bare bones

  • No dispensers

  • Limited storage options

It doesn’t have much in the way of extra features, like an ice dispenser or flexible storage options, but it does have some very stable temperatures for a lower-priced refrigerator. The interior features are also minimal—simple wire racks and in-door bins—but they get the job done.

About the Frigidaire FFTR1814VW

Dimensions: 65.88″ x 30” x 30.38″(H x W x D)
Finishes: white, black ($20 extra)
Capacity: 10.3 cu. ft. fridge capacity, 4.1 cu. ft. freezer capacity
Dispensers: None
Frigidaire FFTR1814VW owner’s manual

What we like

Temperatures are accurate and consistent

Frigidaire FFTR1814VW Top-freezer Refrigerator Freezer Door

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The temperature controls are located in the back of the freezer, which can be awkward to access but can also get temperatures pretty close to perfect.

Just because you’ve calibrated your refrigerator for the ideal 37°F doesn’t mean it’s actually getting to those temperatures. Even when it does, the temperature can fluctuate from normal use and based on where the fridge is in its cooling cycle. It’s important for a fridge to not only reach its target temperature but also not stray far from it: too low and your food can freeze; too warm and your food might raise above 40°F, the threshold where bacteria grows more quickly. Similarly, if the freezer doesn’t maintain a consistent 0°F, you’ll likely see freezer burn faster.

Using a temperature control slider, we were able to get the Frigidaire FFTR1814VW to just over 35°F. This is slightly colder than the ideal 37°F, but it’s better to run a bit cold than a bit warm. The FFTR1814VW’s temperatures are also fairly consistent, straying by less than 2°F in either direction. With that narrow range, your food won’t freeze or get warm enough for bacteria to run rampant. The freezer also had great accuracy, getting down to about 0.5°F compared to the ideal 0°F. It was also reasonably consistent, though not quite as consistent as the fridge: the top of the freezer can almost warm up to 6°F at its peak.

The only downside is the controls. They’re located at the back of the freezer, which isn’t the most accessible spot. It’s also a slider with no clear indication of how the slider’s position relates to the overall temperature. We were able to get our results with a fridge thermometer and some trial and error—we’d recommend a similar strategy for calibrating yours.

What we don’t like

It has pretty bare-bones storage options and settings

Frigidaire FFTR1814VW Top-freezer Refrigerator Fridge Door

Credit: Reviewed / Kyle Hamilton

The Frigidaire FFTR1814VW only has basic storage options—door bins and full-width wire shelves that can be repositioned vertically.

The Frigidaire FFTR1814VW is a relatively basic fridge. There are some bins on the door and some wire shelves that run the width of the fridge that can be repositioned vertically.

As mentioned above, even the temperature controls are pretty basic: You have access to a slider that’s only labeled with a recommended setting, which isn’t the most precise tool for calibrating your fridge. You won’t find any of the extra features typically found in higher-end models, like water and ice dispensers, more flexible storage options, or compartments with individualized temperature controls.

What owners are saying

There aren’t very many user reviews currently available on major online retailers, but the ones that are posted are typically positive. Users mainly praise the fridge’s capacity and value for its price. The reviews that are posted are all fairly recent, however, so there isn’t much information about how this fridge might hold up over time.


The Frigidaire FFTR1814VW comes with a limited one-year warranty. This is the standard warranty for major appliances and what we’d expect from a lower-cost fridge.

Should you buy the Frigidaire FFTR1814VW?

Yes. At its current street price, the Frigidaire FFTR1814VW is a great value, offering consistent temperatures for a reasonable price. Inconsistent temperatures are a problem with a lot of fridges in this general price range, so we were happy to see the FFTR1814VW didn’t suffer from this common pitfall. If you’re looking for a higher-end fridge with all the latest amenities, it’s best to look elsewhere, but if you’re just looking for a basic fridge that won’t let you down, the Frigidaire FFTR1814VW is an excellent option.

If you’re researching affordable refrigerators, we’d also recommend checking out the Insignia NS–RTM18SS7.

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