Get $5 credit when you use payment method with Wells Fargo

Get $5 credit when you use payment method with Wells Fargo


Wells Fargo is offering its customers a $5 credit for using digital wallets like Apple Pay at the bank’s ATM within the next year, according to a report from the website 9to5 Mac. 

The company said it is conducting a targeted campaign to bring awareness to a specific set of customers on digital wallet use. The promotion is only available to customers who received an email from Wells Fargo, the bank said. And it is not only reserved for those customers who use Apple Pay. It’s for all digital wallets.

The promotion comes as Wells Fargo was one of the first banks to support ATM withdrawals through Apple Pay in 2017. Other banks like JPMorgan Chase have followed suit in recent years. 

“Your debit card is already in your digital wallet, so why not use it to easily get cash — and do more — at a Wells Fargo ATM?,” Well Fargo says. “And now, when you access a Wells Fargo ATM using your debit card in your digital wallet for the first time, you’ll earn a $5 statement credit.”

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Customers will be given a $5 credit that will be posted to their primary linked account when they access a Wells Fargo ATM. The bank says it could take six to eight weeks for the statement credit to be posted to an account.

To claim the $5 credit, customers will need to visit a Wells Fargo ATM, tap with Apple Pay from either an iPhone or Apple Watch, enter their debit card PIN and complete an ATM transaction or select an ATM service, 9to5 Mac explains. The promo is valid until March 5, 2021. 

Business debit cards aren’t eligible for the offer.


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