HBO, Mark Wahlberg’s ‘McMillion$’ exposes McDonald’s Monopoly scam

HBO, Mark Wahlberg's 'McMillion$' exposes McDonald's Monopoly scam


Wahlburgers is the family business, but Mark Wahlberg couldn’t help but sink his teeth into a supersized McDonald’s Monopoly game scandal. 

“Nobody’s said anything to me yet,” the actor says of his family’s response to his new documentary series, “McMillion$,” joking, “It does feel a little bit weird seeing all of those McDonald’s logos, instead of my Wahlburger logos.” 

The six-episode project, premiering Monday on HBO (10 EST/PST) tells the 20-year-old story of the rigged fast food promotion, in which winning tickets were stolen, then sold to the “winners” for years, unbeknownst to the chain. We’re not talking small fries. Prizes included a hefty $1 million, boats and even a Dodge Viper. 

Producers say McDonald’s was swindled out of $24 million. An FBI agent in the series says that from 1989 to 2001, “there were almost no legitimate winners of the high-value game pieces” in the promotion. An anonymous tip relayed to the FBI in 2001 began to put the “Do not pass go” wheels in motion.


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