Here’s why entrepreneurs should avoid win-win business negotiations

Here's why entrepreneurs should avoid win-win business negotiations


One of the things that surprised me back when I practiced law was just how often someone would hire me to do things they could do on their own.  

One of these things was negotiating. I doubt I was a better negotiator than some of my old clients, after all, small business people negotiate every day. But even so, I do know that – to quote the Wizard of Oz – I had one thing they didn’t have: Training.

So let’s say you need to negotiate something but don’t want to spend the money to hire a pro. What do you do? You negotiate as a lawyer would. Here’s how: 

1. Choose a strategy.

The conventional wisdom these days is that you should strive for a win-win in any negotiation. There is good reason for that. A deal where everyone gets most of what they want is one that 1) is less likely to be breached, and 2) makes everyone feel good. 


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