How the government’s spending plan differs from yours

How the government's spending plan differs from yours


WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump delivered his fourth budget to Congress on Monday, and the message once again was chop, chop, chop.

Except when it was spend, spend, spend.

The military and other programs that reflect Trump’s campaign priorities will get a considerable boost in spending, while other domestic programs will see steep cuts.

Education? Chop. Foreign aid? Chop. The EPA? Chop, chop, chop.

The Trump administration often points out that hard-working Americans must make tough budget decisions every day and that the federal government is just like you – struggling to make ends meet and forced to live within its means.

Except it’s not. And it doesn’t.

President Donald Trump's proposed budget would make steep cuts to many domestic programs, while the military and other programs would see a spending increase.

Trump budget, 4.0

As in previous years, the Trump budget 4.0 is landing with a thud. In Washington-speak, it likely will be dead on arrival. (More about that later.)

Trump’s $4.89 trillion spending plan – the final budget of his first term in office – calls for increases to military spending and steep cuts to several domestic programs, a reflection of his campaign priorities as he asks voters to return him to office for another four years.


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