How the three editions of the phones compare

What you need to know about 5G, 100x zoom phone


Three new editions of the Samsung Galaxy premium series, the S20, will be out on March 6 and continue Samsung’s march toward many new features that try to out-spec Apple’s iPhone. 

Price-wise, the top of the line S20 Ultra is $300 more than Apple’s top of the line iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

How do the new Galaxy phones compare? 

First, some of the shared basics: All three models come with 12GB of RAM standard, with a 16GB option for the Ultra. (The RAM basically lets you go back to previously used apps faster, including games that might typically take a long time to load.) Plus, all three have 120Hz displays that is supposed to offer a seamless mobile gaming experience. And they all have a minimum of 128GB of storage, along with the ability to upgrade via optional microSD cards. 


The S20 starts at $999, followed by $1,199 for the S20+ and $1,399 for the S20 Ultra.


A 6.2-inch screen for the S20, 6.7-inch screen for S20+ and 6.9 inches for the S20 Ultra. That compares to 5.8 inches, 6.1, 6.4 and 6.7 for last year’s S10 editions. 

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Camera specs

The S20 and S20 + have 3X zoom, and a 30X digital zoom, which is really just glorified cropping of an image and blowing up a segment of the photo. Both have three lenses of various megapixel variety. The S20 Ultra touts a whopping 108-megapixel sensor (many pro-level DSLRs have 25-megapixel sensors,) so this would be considered way higher resolution. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is also being hyped as having “100x” zoom, but the zoom is actually a digital zoom that just crops the small parts of an image and blows it up. 


The entry-level S20 has a “4000mAh” battery to a longer-lasting 4500mAh for the S20+ and 5000mAh for the Ultra. 

Samsung is taking pre-orders for the phones on its website. 


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