How to help protect personal finances during coronavirus pandemic

How to help protect personal finances during coronavirus pandemic


The coronavirus has disrupted life throughout America, but various common-sense tips can help keep your finances under control. 

Fortunately, most of the following checklist items are reasonably easy to implement, without requiring much heavy lifting. Many are actions you should have been taking anyway, but now they’re more urgent.

If you just lost your job or expect that to happen soon, a couple of these tips might not be practical. But most of the suggestions below don’t require much income and, in fact, could help cut expenses.

Build up an emergency cash fund

Financial advisers of all stripes had urged Americans to build up their rainy-day funds over the past decade or so, when times were relatively good. Now that clouds have gathered over the economy, the need is even more pressing.

Emergency money — preferably equal to at least three months of your normal spending needs — is critical now that the economy appears tipping over into a coronavirus-induced recession. Cash on hand can mean the difference between paying bills on time and having to run up balances on high-interest credit cards or resort to other costly  options such as auto-title loans, payday loans or pawn shops.


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