How to stop political texts from spamming your phone

How to stop political texts from spamming your phone


Political groups have been revving up their outreach efforts to reach voters and texting has been all the rage. But for some people, the bombardment of political texts has become as much of a nuisance as robocalls. 

“First it was Brittany, then it was Craig and finally Curt,” Aron Early, an educator based in Bothell, Washington, recalls of his experience with political texts. The texts, all from the same number, were about building a movement for Bernie Sanders. Early says he was befuddled on how they got his number in the first place and only responded to find out why. 

“I don’t feel comfortable telling them who I’m voting for,” said Early. 

Research shows that text messages have an open rate as high as 98%, making it a prime method of choice to contact voters. By comparison, email has an open rate of just 20%.

Political campaigns use peer-to-peer texting platforms to send texts to connect with voters, donors or activists.

“It’s a very cheap and effective way to make sure your message is getting to people in mass,” said Eric Beans, CEO of Texting Base, a cloud-based automation and personalization texting platform. 

He says the typical costs associated with sending a text message can range from as little to 5 cents to 6 cents.  

“You got to try to find a way to reach people. It’s just so much easier to operate a texting platform.” 


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