Samsung Z Flip, Motorola bring back sky-high smartphone prices.

Showing off the new pricing of Samsung Galaxy S phones at a company event


It’s happening again. Smartphones are getting really pricey again. 

Apple tried consumers’ patience in 2017 with the world’s first $1,000 smartphone, the iPhone X, only to see sales stumble and prices start coming down again, on the entry-level phones. 

But Samsung, which hasn’t seen sales rise substantially in several years on its premium Galaxy line, this week brought prices for a standard-sized smartphone to new heights: The Galaxy S20 Ultra starts at $1,399 for the standard 128 GB of storage, or $1,599.99 with 512 gigabytes. 

Back in 2019, Samsung unveiled a new form factor in the Fold phone, which basically unfolds into a tablet size device, asking nearly $2,000. 

The sequel, the new Galaxy Z Flip, starts at nearly $1,400 as well.

The good news: Consumers get more memory on storage on their super expensive phones than they used to. The new Galaxy phones come with 128 gigabytes of storage, up from the previous 64GB and a far cry from the days when 16 GB was standard. (Remember those? And then came all those nagging prompts to delete in order to take new photos or videos.)

Showing off the new pricing of Samsung Galaxy S phones at a company event

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The new Motorola Razr, also a flip phone, is even more expensive, starting at $1,500 with 128 GB of storage.

Consumers, if you think phone prices have gotten too high, there’s one really easy to voice your opinion: You can refuse to buy them. 

That’s what happened to Apple in 2019 with the release of the XS models, which were rudely rejected by the public, forcing Apple to come up with a new strategy of offering more liberal trade-ins to get people to upgrade.

And so what’s up with the new sky-high prices?

New form factors and features like the Ultra’s 10x telephoto zoom, which brings you considerably closer to the action than Apple’s top of the line iPhone 11 Pro Max. 


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