Scroll launches ad-free journalism service for monthly fee

Scroll launches ad-free journalism service for monthly fee


Frustrated with online ads?

For several dollars a month, a new service is offering the opportunity to remove ads from your news reading experience and still support the journalists who create the content.

Scroll – a start-up whose investors include USA TODAY owner Gannett, the New York Times and Samsung – debuted its ad-avoiding news service on Tuesday.

Co-founded by Tony Haile, the founding CEO of online metrics tracker Chartbeat, Scroll costs $4.99 per month after an introductory rate of $2.49 per month for the first six months. It works with more than 300 sites, and more are being added. 

Media analyst Ken Doctor once called it “an iTunes for news.”

Initial participants include USA TODAY, BuzzFeed, Vox, The Atlantic, Business Insider, Slate and The Verge.

When a subscriber is logged into Scroll, they won’t see ads of any kind when they visit participating websites on any browser on their phone, tablet or computer. 

A new service called Scroll is offering readers of participating news websites an advertising-free experience for $4.99 per month. the revenue is shared with the news companies.

Scroll keeps 30% of the subscription fee and distributes the other 70% to the participating sites based on which articles users visit. 

“Your money is only distributed to the sites you go to and love,” Haile said. Scroll’s model will provide news sites with substantially more revenue per view than they would otherwise receive from digital ads, he said. 

The idea came from a desire to help identify a sustainable business model to support journalism while removing the digital clutter that can annoy readers.


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