Subpoena John Bolton as firsthand witness in Trump impeachment trial

President Donald Trump and national security adviser John Bolton on April 9, 2018.


A core element of President Donald Trump’s defense against removal from office has been that the abuse-of-power charge is based on “hearsay” — that the impeachment managers failed to produce any inner-sanctum testimony proving the president held up military aid to Ukraine in a bid to extort dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden.

“Anyone who spoke with the president said that the president made clear that there was no linkage between security assistance and investigations,” deputy White House counsel Michael Purpura argued to the Senate on Monday. 

Enter John Bolton, Trump’s former national security adviser.

What John Bolton’s book says  

According to a New York Times report Sunday, Bolton has written a book manuscript that says Trump clearly stated Ukraine would not receive $391 million in taxpayer-funded military aid until officials there assisted with investigations of Democrats, including the Bidens.

The president denied this linkage. His lawyers, in presenting their defense this week, all but ignored it: “It is not a game of leaks and unsourced manuscripts,” Trump attorney Jay Sekulow argued Tuesday.

But the senators sitting in judgment of the president have an obligation to do more than close their eyes and cover their ears to new evidence.

President Donald Trump and national security adviser John Bolton on April 9, 2018.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was well on his way to engineering a “trial” that races to acquittal without so much as a single witness being called. While expedient for Trump, that would be laughable to most Americans who know what a trial should look like.


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