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Somehow, this January has felt longer than all of 2019. It’s pretty crazy that we welcomed a whole new decade this month, and while there were a few ups and downs, I’m just thankful it’s over. Before I write off January completely though, one upside to this month was the vast amount of deals and sales that retailers were offering in an attempt to clear out last year’s inventory, as well as celebrate New Year’s and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. That meant there were plenty of opportunities to save on everything from apparel to home decor to tech gadgets that our readers certainly took advantage of.

If you’re curious to see exactly which items were the biggest best-sellers this month, you’ve come to the right place. From the cult-favorite Instant Pot to the ever-popular Apple AirPods, here are the 25 products our readers were purchasing in droves.

1. Everyone’s favorite wireless earbuds

It should come as no surprise that Apple AirPods once again topped our best-seller list this month. Shoppers went gangbusters when they dropped back to their Black Friday price of $129 on Amazon, which they still remain at today, in case you’re wondering. We named them the best true wireless earbuds because of their impressive audio quality, ultra-long battery life, and seamless connection to other Apple products, so if you’re still rocking those older, wired headphones, it may finally be time to make the upgrade to these beloved ‘buds.

Get the first-generation Apple Airpods on Amazon for $128.99

2. The best essential oil diffuser to fill your home with fresh scents

Essential oil diffusers are—you guessed it— essential for a wonderful-smelling home to unwind in. We keep recommending the InnoGear aromatherapy diffuser to our readers because of its affordable price point (normally just under $15) coupled with its impressive features such as a large water reservoir, multi-color light display, and various mist modes (continuous, intermittent, and lights-only). Reasons like these are why it’s our favorite essential oil diffuser, and why a ton of our readers are using it for a more relaxing home.

Get the InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser on Amazon for $11.99 with on-page coupon

3. A small but mighty cube for extra outlet space

With a zillion things to keep plugged in these days like your laptop, cellphone, and tablet (and perhaps an essential oil diffuser or humidifier, which were oh-so-popular this month), not having enough outlet space is a universal struggle. Our readers know the feeling, which is why they bought this Anker Power Cube en masse when it went on sale earlier this month. Although it’s not much larger than a normal plug, it packs in three AC outlets and three USB ports into one compact little hub, which is probably why this handy cube appealed to so many.

Get the Anker PowerPort Cube on Amazon for $23.99

4. This egg poacher for a quick, protein-filled breakfast

Like Ron Swanson, many of our readers clearly have an affinity for breakfast foods. When we included this simple microwave egg cooker in our daily deal roundups, it became an unexpected smash hit and emerged as one of our biggest sellers to date. Made by trusted kitchenware brand Nordic Ware, it takes the fuss out of poaching eggs, according to more than 1,000 reviewers. The best part? It costs just over $2, which is an insanely good deal.

Get the Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher on Amazon for $2.17

5. One of the most popular streaming sticks

With streaming services like Disney+ and CBS All Access airing the hottest new shows lately, streaming devices have become a necessary add-on to TVs everywhere. While there are plenty of options on the market, few are more popular than the Fire TV Stick. When Amazon lowered the price tag by $15 a few weeks ago, our readers were quick to snag ‘em while the gettin’ was good. With more than 100,000 4-star reviews, shoppers are clearly loving the ability to stream all their favorite TV shows, movies, apps, and channels in HD quality at the touch of a button, and we’d be willing to bet you will too.

Get the Fire TV Stick on Amazon for $24.99

6. Both electric and manual can openers to crack open those pesky lids

Opening a can of soup or tuna fish seems like such a simple task—until you have to do it with a shoddy can opener that turns what should be a 30-second process into a five-minute war with your can. Our readers definitely know the feeling, because our best manual can opener and best electric can opener were both top sellers last month. Each option is extremely affordable and a worthy upgrade as far as kitchen gadgets go.

7. Our favorite affordable robot vacuum to keep your floors clean

No reader favorites list would be complete without including a robot vacuum. Why? Well, it’s simple—people hate to vacuum and are instead turning to robot vacuums to do the dirty work for them. If you’re wondering which one takes the cake for most popular this month, that would be the Eufy Robovac 11S. It’s our favorite affordable robot vacuum because of its excellent suction power and quiet operation, and thanks to Eufy’s frequent sales on it, our readers have found an easier way to keep their floors spick and span.

Get the Eufy Boost IQ RoboVac 11S on Amazon for $152.99 with on-page coupon

8. An upgraded take on the classic Instant Pot

Instant Pots are not only one of the best-sellers this month, but of the entire previous decade, crazy right? These coveted multi-cookers can do it all—from pressure cooking to steaming to roasting, and more, they are truly a one-pot wonder, which is why our readers love them so darn much. This month, the recently released Duo Nova was at its lowest price ever—even cheaper than the original Duo. It has all the beloved features from the older model, but was also upgraded with faster cooking times, along with an auto-seal lid and a bright LED display, so it’s no wonder why they flew off the (online) shelves.

Get the Instant Pot Duo Nova on Amazon for $67.99 with on-page coupon

9. These tablets to clean your dirty appliances

Contrary to popular belief, you actually need to be deep-cleaning your dishwasher and washer if you want them running efficiently. That’s because grime, soap scum, and other odor-causing bacteria can appear without monthly cleanings, which in turn can make your dishes look and smell dirtier than normal. Our readers were just as concerned as we were, and decided to add these Affresh Washing Machine and Dishwasher tablets that we recommended to their Amazon carts to keep their appliances fresh and clean.

10. A tire pressure gauge to help prevent flats

It’s a commonly known fact that cold weather can wreak havoc on your tire pressure. This January, our readers decided to take matters into their own hands by purchasing the AstroAl gauge to easily check their tire pressure and avoid a dreaded flat in the future. With a 4.5-star rating, thousands of reviewers praised its easy-to-use design and helpful features like its built-in blue LED light. It makes total sense that everyone wanted this handy tool to keep in their glove box this winter.

Get the AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge on Amazon for $10.18

11. The best meal kit to take the pain out of planning dinner

Unless you’re a serious home cook, you probably find planning and making meals for yourself and your family every night a bit tedious and time-consuming. At least our readers certainly do, which is why they opted this month to try out our personal favorite meal kit delivery service, Home Chef. Because we loved it so much, we partnered with Home Chef to offer our readers an exclusive discount—$100 off their first four boxes—and many took advantage of it. You can snag this discount, too, by simply entering the code REVIEWED100 at checkout. With it, you’ll get delicious recipes and fresh, high-quality ingredients delivered right to your doorstep for a great price.

Sign up for Home Chef and get $100 off your first four boxes using the code REVIEWED100

12. Our favorite cool mist humidifier to add some moisture your home

One of the worst things about winter is how bone dry the air is, which can cause coughing, sore throats, dry sinuses—you name it. To combat said dryness, a ton of our readers picked up this Taotronics humidifier, which was our top pick for cool mist humidifers because it was able to raise the humidity more than any other model we tested while remaining virtually silent. As an added bonus, it’s still $10 off if you clip the on-page coupon.

Get the TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier on Amazon for $34.99 with on-page coupon

13. This sleek, durable set of measuring spoons

When it comes to buying a simple kitchen staple like a set of measuring spoons, it’s worth it to do your research first and pick a well-made set that’ll last indefinitely. Many of our readers did just that and decided to buy our top choice for measuring spoons: a stainless-steel set by Cuisipro. With their heavy-duty, yet polished feel, along with their oval shape and curved handles that allows them to fit easily into spice jars, they really are a no-brainer. And thanks to a sale this January that brought the price down below $10, a ton of our readers scooped these spoons up.

Get the Cuisipro Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set on Amazon for $15

14. The most comfortable mattress we’ve ever tested

While we wish for each and every one of our readers to get a good night’s sleep, we can only say for certain that those who purchased a new Nectar mattress are getting one. We chose Nectar as our favorite mattress for its unparalleled comfort and support, in addition to the company’s amazing customer service. Thanks to their Big New Year Sale, our readers were able to save $100 on any one of their incredible mattresses. While that sale has ended, Nectar is currently offering the same deal for their President’s Day sale this February, so you still have a chance to save on the mattress of your dreams.

Shop Nectar’s Presidents Day sale and take $100 off any mattress

15. This cult-favorite tote bag to fit all your stuff

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bag that has made as many waves as Madewell’s coveted Medium Transport Tote has. It’s not just our readers who are obsessed—chances are you’ve seen this bag on the shoulders of a passerby or maybe your sister or lady friend, who swears by it. While it normally retails for $158 on the Madewell site, Nordstrom Rack had a sale on it earlier in the month which was an absolute hit amongst Reviewed readers. If you’re trying to join in on the obsession, the corduroy version is still on sale on Nordstrom Rack.

16. This ultra-popular egg cooker for no-fuss breakfasts

There’s rarely a month that goes by without the Dash Egg Cooker making our lists of reader favorites. People go crazy for this kitchen gadget that makes cooking a hearty breakfast an absolute breeze, with slots to cook six hard-boiled eggs at one time and trays to cook omelets, soft-boiled, or poached eggs—whatever your preference is. It’s seriously an egg-ceptional addition to your kitchen and will transform your breakfast routine entirely.

Get the Dash Rapid 6 Capacity Electric Egg Cooker on Amazon for $19.67

17. A rechargeable flashlight to help light the way

Every home needs a spare flashlight, which becomes especially handy in the wintertime when it gets dark in the wee hours of the afternoon. Thanks to a price drop earlier in the month, our readers picked up the powerful Anker Bolder LC90 flashlight, which is the upgraded model of the LC40 that came in second place when we tested the best portable flashlights. One of the neat things about it is that since it’s rechargeable, you won’t have to fuss with batteries to power it. Best of all, you can still save 10% on it by clipping the on-page coupon, which makes this waterproof light even more affordable.

Get the Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90 LED Flashlight on Amazon for $27

18. This tax software to help maximize your deductions

Tax season is officially here, but a ton of our readers are already fully prepared for it since they scored some sweet savings on TurboTax software this month. Luckily, you can still get the same $20 discount on the deluxe version too, which should cover all the bases for most filers, including mortgage interest, education expenses, or other common deductions for both federal and state returns. It’s the best tax software we’ve tested because it’s super user-friendly and will help you get the biggest return possible this year.

Get the TurboTax Tax Software Deluxe + State 2019 on Amazon for $39.99

19. One of our favorite water bottles to keep you hydrated

Like all the VSCO girls, our readers were equally as obsessed with Hydro Flask water bottles this month. These bottles are much more than a trendy fad—they’re actually super easy to transport, extra durable, and can keep water cold for up to 24 hours. That’s why we named it one of our favorite water bottles we’ve ever tested, and because of a sale at REI, they were selling out right and left. While that sale has come to an end, you can still snag your very own in a variety of sizes and colors from Amazon.

Get the Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottle on Amazon starting at $29.95

20. This power strip for all your devices

It’s always frustrating to run out of outlet space around your home, whether it’s behind the TV or by your bedside table. That’s why investing in a power strip is never a bad idea, especially one like this jumbo strip by Anker, which our readers favor. It touts a 6-foot cable with six AC outlets and three USB charging. Plus, you don’t need to worry about this one short-circuiting, as it features Anker’s PowerIQ charging technology, which allows you to charge up to nine devices at once. You can still get it on sale too, thanks to the on-page coupon that will secure you a 20% discount at checkout.

Get the Anker Surge Protector Power Strip on Amazon for $27 with on-page coupon

21. These Pyrex Containers to help store your leftovers

If you’re in need of some new Tupperware like our readers were this month, you can’t go wrong with Pyrex containers. They’re made from durable yet sleek glass, keep food fresh without leaking, are dishwasher and microwave safe, and don’t absorb colors or odors like other containers often do. Reasons like these are why Pyrex outshined the competition when we tested the best food storage containers and why our readers snatched up this 8-piece set, which is still at the same sale price.

Get the Pyrex Easy Grab Glass Bakeware and Food Storage Set on Amazon for $14.88

22. Our favorite vegetable peelers to make prep work even faster

A dependable vegetable peeler is an absolute must-have in every kitchen, no doubt about it. And a recent sale on our favorite vegetable peelers gave our culinary readers a great reason to shop for one. These Kuhn Rikon peelers come in a pack of three, are lightweight, and easy to store in a kitchen drawer. We have no doubt that readers who purchased are now peeling their produce effortlessly while they cook.

Get the Kuhn Rikon Original Swiss Peeler 3-Pack on Amazon for $9.79

23. The best personal blender for on-the-go sipping

Since a full-sized blender can take up a bunch of cabinet space and be cumbersome to wash, many of our readers opt instead for our favorite personal blender, the Ninja Fit. It makes blending up smoothies insanely easily, plus the container doubles as a to-go cup so you can bring your drink with you. This powerful little blender can even be used to make dressings, sauces, or creamy soups, which makes it even more useful to have in the kitchen.

Get the Ninja Personal Blender on Amazon for $49.99

24. This instant-read thermometer for more precise cooking

Ovens aren’t entirely truthful sometimes, that’s unfortunately just a fact. It can be extremely frustrating when your baked goods or racks of meat cooks unevenly, but many are avoiding that culinary pitfall by using this oven thermometer by Rubbermaid. It was a solid performer when we tested the best oven thermometers, and will help gauge the actual temperature of your oven, grill, or smoker. Our readers jumped at the opportunity to get their own when it lowered in price by a few bucks, but luckily it’s already very affordable at its full $7 price tag.

Get the Rubbermaid Stainless Steel Oven Thermometer on Amazon for $7

25. Our favorite wireless charging stand to say goodbye to cables

We all know the exasperated feeling of when a charging cable ceases to function from regular wear and tear. If you’re tired of replacing yours every so often, consider a wireless charger instead, which can charge your phone incredibly fast without the need for a cord. When our favorite wireless charging stand, the Yootech X2, went on sale a few weeks back, we weren’t surprised to see our readers upgrade from their old cables to this stand instead. It’s super easy to use and can fully charge a phone in just a couple hours, so you can officially retire that mess of old charging cables in your drawer.

Get the Yootech X2 Wireless Charging Stand on Amazon for $13.99

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