These $49 Peeps-themed Crocs have little chicks bulging from them

Fried Chicken & Donuts to be released nationwide Feb. 24


Just when you thought Crocs couldn’t get more abstract.

Weeks after the perforated shoe manufacturer unveiled clogs inspired by a box of fried chicken, Crocs has teamed up with the marshmallow candy maker Peeps to create clogs with little plastic chicks bulging from them.

In a collaboration you might have to see to believe, the limited-edition candy-colored shoes are selling for $49.99 online. Some sizes are already out of stock. The release was timed ahead of spring, and Crocs describes its newest clogs as “Original. Festive. Comfortable.”

The polarizing footwear was coated in vivid shades of blue, pink and yellow, just like the candied marshmallows Americans enjoy around Easter. Crocs says the shoes will be available in stores this week. 

“Run, don’t walk to your local Crocs retailer tomorrow to add some colorful PEEPSONALITY to your wardrobe,” the brand said on Facebook. 

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Each pair comes with Peeps-shaped charms that can be attached to the holes on the top of the shoes. 

Crocs is the latest footwear brand to dream up shoes inspired by food and candy in the age of Instagram when people buy clothes just to take pictures in them. 

Saucony started selling shoes inspired by Dunkin’ Donuts in 2018. The brand created an avocado toast-themed pair the following year.


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