Ticketmaster has updated its refund policy for postponed events, and customers are not happy.

With large gatherings across the nation either canceled or postponed due to the spread of coronavirus, many ticket-holders are seeking refunds for concerts, sports and other events.

According to an image captured by the The New York Times, Ticketmaster’s website used to state that refunds “are available if your event is postponed, rescheduled or canceled.” Now, the policy has been changed to say refunds “are available if your event is canceled.”

Ticketmaster’s Purchase Policy states that “the Event Provider may set refund limitations” in the case of rescheduled events, but, without a guaranteed refund policy for postponements, many customers may be out-of-luck.

USA TODAY has reached out to Ticketmaster reps for comment.

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As the updated policy became apparent, people took to Twitter to voice their frustrations with the company.

“Comforting to know that even when the world is in the grips of a pandemic, Ticketmaster remains committed to being just a surprisingly large piece of (expletive),” wrote user @coopercooperco on Monday.

User @koojms called the policy change “one of the most idiotic moves… especially now that we’re in the middle of a pandemic.”

“*everyone suffering during the pandemic* ticketmaster: hold on, let me make you suffer even more,” wrote @jikooksbloom on Monday.

“I hope ticketmaster goes bankrupt,” wrote @cranbhobi Monday. “Im so sick of those thieves constantly changing policies last minute so that they benefit. its absolutely revolting I think”

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