Working from home during coronavirus outbreak? Follow these tips

Working from home during coronavirus outbreak? Follow these tips


As the coronavirus pandemic continues to push us toward social isolation, one of the strategies many businesses are using is options for employees to work from home.

Several tech companies including Google and Twitter have urged employees to stay away from offices and work remotely as officials in the U.S. attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The shift to the at-home work environment is more than just finding the right space to help you focus, or downloading the appropriate software to do your job. It’s about following some simple etiquette to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Here are some basic tips to consider if you’re working from home during the pandemic:

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Working from home can increase productivity for many employees.

The mute button is your best friend

Maybe you’re in a meeting and you want to eat lunch while listening, or your kids are at home having way too much fun. It’s likely not something your coworkers want to hear. Use the mute button often. If you’re not talking, mute. If you’re eating, mute. Taking an extra couple seconds to unmute yourself during a meeting or call is better than everyone else hearing you chew food.


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