YouTube insider has tips for starting and growing channel, make money

YouTube insider has tips for starting and growing channel, make money


SAN BRUNO, Calif. – Google recently announced that its YouTube had a $15-billion year in 2019, based on advertising sales, showing the world just how huge a business the video network has become. 

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, which hold onto the lion’s share of the ad revenues and don’t share with the people who upload content, Google takes a different approach, in splitting the YouTube ad revenues with video creators. 

That means the millions of people are profiting from their relationship with YouTube by making videos and pulling in either extra income or actually making a living from their YouTube revenues. 

According to Forbes, 8-year-old Ryan Kaji from Ryan’s World toys review channel earned a cool $26 million in 2019 from his YouTube ad revenues and sponsorship deals.

The chances of something like that happening for you is rare, but there’s no denying that the opportunity is there.

Maybe you don’t get to tell your boss you quit and turn a new chapter by churning out videos tomorrow. But perhaps you can make a little extra income through your YouTube passion? It’s not too late to get started. 

That’s the word from Barbara MacDonald, a product manager at YouTube who serves as one of the co-hosts of the “Creator Insider” video series at YouTube, which looks to help new and existing video makers grow their channels and find success. 

YouTube's Barbara MacDonald helps people grow their channels

“If you have a subject you’re passionate about, give it a try,” she says.

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How to cash in on YouTube fame

We visited her at YouTube headquarters here, near the San Francisco Airport, and recorded the interview for the Talking Tech podcast. (Click the link below to listen.) MacDonald has several key points to consider before getting started.

1. Go niche 

Follow your passion, and start your channel devoted to your special interest. Topic? Go small, she says, and you’ll have an easier time finding an audience, she says. For instance, instead of a channel devoted to food, a pretty broad category, she says some video creators have found great success focusing on one particular genre – like the latest new treats at Disney resorts. “I don’t necessarily like to go to Disney parks, but I love to eat, so this gets my attention,” she says.


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